Patient-Reported Quality of Life with ALUNBRIG® (brigatinib)

Choose ALUNBRIG first-line for patients with ALK+ mNSCLC.1

ALUNBRIG Delayed Time to Worsening in Global Health Status (GHS)/Quality of Life (QoL) vs crizotinib2

Median Time to Worsening in GHS/QoL (≥10-Point Worsening in Score)2,a

Median time to worsening GHS /QoL was 26.7 months for ALUNBRIG®, and 8.3 months for critzotinib.

Time to worsening was assessed by2,3:


Physical scales


Emotional, cognitive, and social functioning scales


Improvement of disease symptoms

Study Limitations: These patient-reported outcome endpoints were secondary and not prespecified. The improvement in QoL scores and delay in worsening of GHS/QoL may be an overestimation, because patients were not blinded to treatment assignment. These differences in global QoL could reflect differences in efficacy on disease-related symptoms and in treatment-related adverse events.2

Among responders, the median duration of improvement in GHS/QoL had not been reached for ALUNBRIG vs 12 months for crizotinib.2

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aPatient-reported symptoms, functioning, and GHS/QoL were measured using the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire (EORTC QLQ-C30) and supplemental QLQ-LC13 (Lung Cancer Module).2

1L, first-line; ALK, anaplastic lymphoma kinase; ALK+, ALK-positive; CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio; mNSCLC, metastatic NSCLC; NR, not reached.