The ALUNBRIG® (brigatinib) SMART Free Trial Program

ALUNBRIG® (brigatinib) packaging.

Is ALUNBRIG right for you?

The ALUNBRIG SMART Program can help you and your doctor decide. If eligible, you will receive a 1-month trial at no cost, shipped directly to you. Talk with your doctor to see if the program might be right for you.

  • Eligible patients must have a diagnosis of ALK+ metastatic NSCLC verified by an FDA-approved test, be a new patient not currently using ALUNBRIG, and not have been previously enrolled in the ALUNBRIG SMART Program
  • This free trial offer is solely intended to allow new patients to try ALUNBRIG and to determine with their healthcare provider whether ALUNBRIG is right for them. There is no obligation for you to continue use of ALUNBRIG after the free trial has been completed. The ALUNBRIG SMART Program is not meant to induce or require future/continuing prescriptions of ALUNBRIG

FDA, Food and Drug Administration.